Creating with
Blade And Sand
If you need a unique gift for someone contact me.

Stone, Tile, Glass, Granite, Marble, etc. I can create a unique, one of a
kind, item for you.

I can take the glass out of a picture frame and etch it.
I can replace glass in a picture frame with a mirror and cut the silver off
the back then paint it to the colors you want.

I also do etchings for weddings, birthdays, etc. on Wine Glasses,
Knives, Jars, etc.

Back splash and mirrors for kitchens, bath, etc. with your unique
design.  Designs to go on the floor, wall, etc.

I am always honored when contacted to create a unique memorial.

Tell me your idea.  I will create a graphic and email it to you, we will
adjust it until it is what you want, then I will create the piece or pieces.

Thank you for checking me out.